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What is Parallax?
Are you being overcharged for exhibition fair space?
GEORGE LEONARD. Given that we have mentioned the visitors and their viewpoint, this is a good juncture to ask about your name. The definition of ‘parallax’ has some bearing on your entity. Could you tell us more about it?...
There are many opportunities for artists and designers to showcase their work today. But how do you know if you are being overcharged for exhibition space?...
The Wrong Way to Buy Art
Art as Research
We should first expand on what we said in the introduction about a ‘wrong’ way to buy art. On first view, it would seem naive to suggest that there are wrong methods. After all, buying art appears to be a subjective enterprise...
Research is useful. It concerns the production of new knowledge. Through its methodology over thousands of years, human civilisation has, to some extent, developed and improved in most spheres of life...
Should you rely on a third-party online platform? (Extract from the conclusion of A Guide to Selling Art)
OF THE ORDER Which ought to be Observed in the Study of PAINTING (Extract; 1743)
It should be said that ‘art as research’, ‘art as speculation’ and ‘art as product’ have their respective places and contexts. You might sometimes come across people that have a rigid idea of what art should be and, ironically, these same people tend to consider themselves ‘enlightened’...
MOST of the skilful painters have taken great pains, and spent many years in the search of knowledges, which they might have attained in a little time, had they hit at first upon the right path...
In the Name of (Extract from Sesuko Ono 2018 exhibition catalogue)
Selecting and Buying Art or Design (Extract from a Guide to Buying Art)
There is no handwritten or stamped signature on the art works. It may be that the maker will add one in the future. But, for now, as I type, there is no linguistic mark of authorship on any surface.
Having finalised a decorative scheme for our room, we are in a stronger position to select and buy art. However, it should be added that there is some latitude in this method.

Photography by Bruce Mars on Unsplash

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