Guide to Selling Art


A Guide to Selling Art. Three Modes: How to Increase Your Art and Design Sales (eBook)

by C G Barlow

2021 (Published by The Dialogues Press); eBook formats: eReaders, tablets, smartphones, PC or Mac, Nook, Kobo and Kindle.

Based on ten years of research at Parallax Art Fair, the book is a method to help artists and designers improve their sales. It sets out a radical new framework of ‘art’ by purpose and in relation to trade. It re-categorises art and design according to three modes: ‘art as research’, ‘art as speculation’ and ‘art as product’. It tells you why you do not sell and what you need to do to start selling. If you are already selling, the method will help you to increase your sales. The book also discusses the history of art and design as a trade, the problem of art history in relation to art sales and why creative entrepreneurs should re-think online sales with third-party websites. The book is lucidly written with working artists and designers in mind and will almost certainly become your ‘sober best friend’!


  • Introduction
  • The problem: an ignis fatuus
  • Artists were plumbers
  • Art as research
  • Art as speculation
  • Art as product
  • Conclusion

Dr C G Barlow is a philosopher of the history of art and a founder of Parallax.

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