Poetry and Painting


Poetry and Painting (eBook)

by Roger de Piles with preface and footnotes by C G Barlow

2021 (Published by The Dialogues Press); 25 pages; eBook formats: eReaders, tablets, smartphones, PC or Mac, Nook, Kobo and Kindle.

Perfect for artists, poets, students, art historians and art lovers interested in learning how to better understand paintings and poetry. The Dialogues Press presents “A DISSERTATION, WHETHER Poesy be preferable to Painting”, a chapter extracted from a 1743 English translation of Roger de Piles’, Cours de peinture par principles avec un balance de peintres, which includes a preface and footnotes by C G Barlow. First published in 1708, the dissertation is part of a literary tradition called “ut pictura poesis”, which compares painting and poetry. Unlike poetry, no ancient painting had survived the collapse of the Roman Empire, and many thought of painting as just a manual craft. However, De Piles ingeniously defends painting as an intellectual pursuit, referring to many ancient painters and writers, as well as Rubens, Raphael, Titian and many others. De Piles was an artist and secret agent for Louis XIV. He was the chief theorist at the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture in Paris and the most important art theorist of late seventeenth and early eighteenth-century Europe. The text has been carefully prepared for eReaders by a specialist in period treatises, and there are footnotes explaining key words, concepts and biographies of artists. Containing the original pagination, the book is equally useful for professional art historians as a search tool. So, whether you are a student learning to paint, an art lover keen to learn more about how to look at paintings in museums or exhibitions, or whether you are a seasoned artist or poet looking for new inspiration, this is the right eBook for you.

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