Guide to Shipping & Travelling with Art [ebook]
Guide to Shipping & Travelling with Art [ebook]

Guide to Shipping & Travelling with Art [ebook]

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A Guide to Shipping or Travelling with Art & Design (eBook)

by C G Barlow

2024 (Published by The Dialogues Press); eBook formats: eReaders, tablets, smartphones, PC or Mac, Nook, Kobo and Kindle.

International exhibitions and sales are critical for artists and galleries. Yet, few understand international customs compliance needed for shipping art, costing them clients and international markets. Divided into two parts, and including a glossary of specialist terms, the book is designed to explain everything an artist or gallery needs for shipping or travelling with art internationally. The first section deals with each document and declaration code that should accompany every shipment you do. It covers taxes, duty, full and temporary admission, inventories, commercial invoices, proformas, licences and SADs. The second section walks you through the importation and exportation process from start to finish, explaining what happens along the logistics chain. The last chapter is dedicated to travelling with art, customs agents, and how to declare at the border correctly. Based on over ten years of experience in shipping compliance around the world, Dr Barlow is also registered with UK HMRC for Full Temporary Admission Authority. The book can be used by any artist or gallery in the world to understand the customs process and is not limited to a region or country. Unravel the mystery of international shipping and customs, and get your art into many more galleries, art fairs and homes around the world!


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Taxes
  • Chapter 2: Codes
  • Chapter 3: Shipping Documents
  • Chapter 4: Shipping Companies
  • Chapter 5: Importing and Exporting your Art & Design
  • Chapter 6: Travelling with your Art & Design
  • Glossary

Dr C G Barlow is a philosopher of the history of art and a founder of Parallax.

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